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Pierre Massicotte, Senior Vice President, Operations
L’Oréal Canada

“Supply chain management is a new profession in Canada…with lots of variety.”

Melinda Nycholat, Director, Contract Services Division
Defence Construction Canada

“Procurement has to be an integrated service. I work hard to have it be considered early in the planning process for a project.”

Serge Faucher, Executive Director
Les enterprises Dupont 1972

“In our business, the speed of communications is vital.”

Brent Ellis, Director
Commercial Warehouses
Wills Transfer Limited

“Great opportunity for people to enter this industry… the opportunities are endless.”

Tony Boyce, Owner, Whitehead Country Store

“Tony's unique view of supply chain and logistics comes from looking at it from both sides, first with a large firm and now as a business owner.”

Patrick Zenobio, Customer Services Coordinator, Logistics and Customs
Cirque du Soleil

“As a member of the supply chain department at Cirque du Soleil, Patrick juggles many responsibilities.”

Teresa, Sales and Marketing Manager

“This job is all about problem solving and satisfaction, and I love what I do.”

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