Looking for a satisfying career that is challenging, progressive, diverse, fast-paced and financially rewarding? Joining Canada’s supply chain gives you a chance to grow in an industry that’s constantly evolving.

With literally hundreds of career paths to follow, working in the supply chain provides opportunities in every field, in both the private and public sector. From fashion, film production and video gaming, to health care, emergency services and aviation, there is an exciting and demanding supply chain role in virtually any area that interests you.

Whether it’s sourcing materials, manufacturing goods, or the warehousing and distribution of products, more than three quarters of a million Canadians already work in supply chain roles for private companies, governments, charities and other organizations. Right now more than 27,000 supply chain positions in Canada sit unfilled, and another 66,000 openings are anticipated each year for the next five years.

Never heard of the supply chain before? While many of the sector’s careers have existed for decades or more, “supply chains” are a relatively new concept. Strategic collaboration within and among organizations in a supply chain helps reduce costs, minimize inventory, enhance flexibility and improve a product’s time to market. (Find out more about what supply chains are.)

The impact of supply chains on organizations’ competitiveness and sustainability is profound. Read about the floods in Thailand or the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and you will see the adverse effects of supply chain disruptions on the operations of organizations worldwide.